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Bouquets delivered since 2018

Delivering fresh roses & mixed bouquets
right to your door
erev Shabbat & erev Yom Tov.



Shabbat Flowers 2U is a convenient service designed to make beautifying your home for Shabbos easy/hassle free and affordable. We deliver beautiful fresh roses and mixed bouquets right to your door every erev Shabbat and erev Yom Tov.

Since 2008, we have delivered over 25,000 bouquets to
hundreds of happy families in the Jewish community

You can order occasionally, or sign up for one of our
subscription packages. Whether it is to thank a gracious host,
or send good wishes to that someone special in honour of a
L’Chaim, a birthday, anniversary or simcha.

8 month plan. a month (unlimited sessions) 



Our roses are sourced from Ecuador, the world leader in top quality roses, and are all Rainforest Alliance Certified, ensuring their production conforms to environmental sustainability and equity standards.

Each bunch of roses comes wrapped in a cello
sleeve, and comes with greens and flower food

  • 06 Roses $15
  • 09 Roses $20
  • 12 Roses $25
  • 18 Roses $35


Our mixed seasonal bouquets are sourced primarily from Ontario growers, and depending on what is available from local farmers, our bouquets will vary in flower variety and color scheme from week to week.
Our mixed seasonal bouquets come wrapped in a cello sleeve and include flower food.

Mixed Seasonal Bouquet $25


We offer FREE local delivery to homes along the Bathurst St. corridor, North of Eglinton Ave. and South of HWY 7, West of Avenue Rd. and East of Dufferin St.
For building or condo deliveries, there is a fee of $10.
We do not offer delivery outside the delivery zone.
For building or condo deliveries, there is a fee of $10.
We do not offer delivery outside the delivery zone.

Delivery Information
Pre-Shabbat deliveries are made Fridays, and occasionally Thursday evenings.
Pre-Holiday deliveries are made erev Yom Tov, or the day prior.

Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the shipping address. Additional charges may apply if an address
correction is necessary

Delivery will be left at the front door if the recipient does not answer the door.


We offer a hassle-free subscription program to beautify your Shabbos table on a regular basis. Whether weekly,
bi-weekly, or monthly – several subscription packages are available for you to choose from. They are designed
with your convenience in mind, allowing you to rest assured that getting flowers on a regular basis is easy,
enjoyable and affordable.

Best of all, we understand that most people do not purchase their flowers for the year all up front, so we make it
easier on your wallet by accepting monthly payments. We accept credit cards and interac e-transfers . This
makes it feasible for all people who purchase flowers on a regular basis to do so with us.

Annual Subscription Memberships

Why subscribe?

Here are 3 great reasons:

Reduced prices. Order any of our subscription packages below, and we are able to issue a partial tax deductible receipt for the maximum allowable amount (30% of the cost of flowers), as this service is an initiative of the Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Centre.
Reduced stress. Who can’t use a little less to think about nowadays? Life is so busy. We offer the convenience of putting at least part of your Shabbat preparations on auto-pilot. With your subscription, you can rest assured that you have one less thing to care of. We will ensure beautiful fresh flowers will adorn your table for Shabbat, week after week.
Send to a Friend Benefits. We value your subscription and commitment to our service, and we are committed to making sending flowers to others even easier for you. If you ever want to send flowers to a friend, you get 25% off the price. It’s that simple. If you subscribe weekly, you can send 3 complimentary bouquets to friends. If you subscribe bi-weekly, you can send 2 complimentary bouquets. If you subscribe monthly, you can send 1 complimentary bouquet to a friend.

The Weekly Subscription
(“The Every Week Package”)

Quite simply, this means that you will have a standing order delivered right to your doorstep for 50 weeks.

The Bi-Weekly Subscription
(“The Every Other Week Package”)

Some of you may want flowers every other week, so we designed this package just for you. Delivered right to your doorstep 25 Fridays, every other week.

The Monthly
(“The Once a Month Package”)

Flowers will be delivered to your doorstep for every Shabbat mevarchim, 12 times throughout the year



You will receive a text or an email notification (your choice) once the flowers have been delivered so keep an eye on your phone and inbox. Sometimes the confirmations sneak into the spam/junk folder, so please have a look in there.

No, the recipient need not be at the address. We will leave flowers at the door in case no one answers.

Both our roses and mixed bouquets come wrapped in a cellophane sleeve and accompanied with a packet of flower food.

We encourage you to order online. We have created a thoughtful and user friendly checkout with you in mind. It is also the best way to ensure there are no mix-ups with your order details. We will email you following your order to confirm it, so you can always communicate any questions via email

If you are stuck or having trouble, we would love to assist you. Please text or call us at (416) 428-4577

We are not a full time, full service florist. Shabbat Flowers 2U is a fundraising initiative of the Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Centre. What
we have on our website is what we offer, and the service is designed to be simple and hassle-free. If possible, we are always happy to try
and accommodate custom orders of roses. Yes, we’ve done 75 roses for a birthday before). Regarding other flowers, please contact us
with the details and we can try to assist you. We require 10 days advance notice to try and assist with custom orders.



Our deliverer will ring, knock and wait for a response. If no one answers, our driver/deliverer will leave the flowers outside the home
where they deem safe.

For the upcoming Shabbat, we deliver primarily on Fridays, and occasionally on Thursdays. For Yamim Tovim, we deliver primarily erev
Yom Tov, and occasionally the day prior.

We deliver to homes along the Bathurst St. corridor, North of Eglinton Ave. and South of HWY 7, West of Avenue Rd. and East of Dufferin
St. Please see our delivery zone map.

Normally, orders must be placed by Tuesday morning at 10am for the upcoming Shabbat. Most weeks we are able to accommodate last
minute orders up to Thursday night, and occasionally even Fridays, but we cannot guarantee availability after the Tuesday morning
ordering deadline. The sooner you order, the better

Yes, as long as the business is within our delivery zone. As well, keep in mind that there is a delivery fee of $10 to businesses in buildings.

Our deliveries are done based on the availability of our drivers on Fridays or Thursdays. Although we cannot guarantee to meet your
desired delivery time, we will do our best to accommodate special requests in this matter



We pride ourselves on helping organizations and schools show gratitude to their employees, co-workers or teachers. Our dedicated team is ready to serve your organization and to make expressing hakaros hatov easy, affordable and meaningful. We guarantee your coworkers, employees and clients will have a meaningful flower experience.
We’ve delivered hundreds of end of school year bouquets on behalf of school administrations to thank their teachers and staff. We’ve delivered flowers to an entire graduating class of high school girls upon their graduation. We’ve delivered over 200 bouquets for a local real estate agent who wanted to thank all of his clients for their years of loyalty. If you are a school administrator or a member of your children’s school PTA, or you run a business or organization and are interested in our services, please contact us and a representative will contact you shortly


7026 Bathurst Street
Thornhill, ON L4J-8K3