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Tell us your investment goals by answering a few simple questions.
Gainze’s unique algorithm will select a set of broker’s customized for your needs.

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Invest funds with your selected brokers. Your brokers will choose a portfolio that fits your needs.

Upon receiving a notification that your funds have been invested, you can visit your portfolio page for details of your investment.

Watch your money grow stress free.

Don’t have much money to Invest?

Our pooling option allows access to top tier brokers for investors with limited funds.

Select the brokers you want by pooling your funds with other investors with similar needs. Gainze will guide you through this. 

Take advantage of the larger investment thresholds to achieve higher returns – all with the broker of your choice. 

About Us

Gainze is a platform that facilitates the connection of investors with brokers. Once connected, Gainze provides the tools whereby established relationships are cemented for the long term. This results in gainze for both the investor and the broker as momentum and trust is achieved.