Bringing a Moment of Joy to the Life of a Senior!

Jewish Seniors Network is a unique volunteer program, created to enhance the lives of local seniors. Many of us
have parents or family who are seniors, living alone or in senior facilities, that would greatly benefit from an extra
visit from someone who isn’t family. Family can not always visit as often as desired, and not always is there
someone else to supplement those visits. And that’s where Jewish Seniors Network steps in. JSN matches volunteers with seniors for a weekly visit, bringing joy and a sense of caring to many

Jewish Seniors Network, aims to bring exclusive programming geared to our large Senior Community. It provides
monthly events that promote social interaction and features exciting activities for Seniors. Additionally, Jewish Seniors Network  offers volunteers who visit with homebound or lonely Seniors at their homes, in assisted living facilities as well as at the hospital. Their mission is to bring joy and stimulation to the visitees. Our hope is to ultimately match
up every Senior in need with a volunteer.


What is The Jewish Seniors Network ?
The Jewish Seniors Network is a unique volunteer program under the auspices of Chabad Lubavitch of Ontario designed to bring cheer and companionship into the lives of seniors all throughout Ontario

The Visits – A Gift of Mutual Benefit

Whether a senior has family and friends who visit with him or her on a consistent basis or is quite alone in the world, regular visits with a designated JSN volunteer opens an entire new world of social connection and interaction. A relationship of love and caring, devotion and tenderness, is fostered and built upon.

Culture and Tradition

In addition to facilitating and coordinating the visits, The Jewish Seniors Network hosts monthly and seasonal programs for seniors at major assisted living facilities throughout Ontario. Judaic programs include festive celebrations in conjunction with all of the major Jewish holidays, Regular Shabbat services. Seniors living on their own or in smaller residential care centers are invited to participate in these special programs and events as well.

Adopt a Bubby/Zeidy

It takes just minutes to change a person’s entire week. To meet the needs of the seniors within our community, we connect them with willing and capable teen/young adult volunteers. It has been proven time and time again that consistent human interactions can greatly impact the quality of life of the aged, and those who interact with seniors are in the position to accomplish a tremendous amount.

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